Sitting here in my basement studio, checking over the final process of this new recording by The Bluegrass Unit and I realize how serious these guys are about this great music. I can hear the vintage sounds but also the little nuances in their playing style that make it their own in that their personalities shine through. They are great friends to be around and have a talent that they work hard at perfecting. The Bluegrass Unit has put together a pallet of musical pieces, showcasing their 4 distinct voices within a nice mix of originals and standards.

As a band they work their instruments so that the music is full, accenting in the appropriate spots as to not interfere with one another, that’s the bluegrass blend. On this, their 2nd album, you’ll hear that the hard work and devotion towards their music has paid off, and it will only continue to grow.

Thanks to all for supporting and I believe you will receive hours of enjoyment listening to Justin, Jeff, Waylon and Kenny on “Set List Vol. 2”.

Ray Legere

Acoustic Horizon

I just want to take this opportunity to congratulate The Bluegrass Unit on their new album! Boy, have they got it right on this side of the border! Thanks to Justin, Jeff, Waylon and Kenny, Bluegrass has been given a new, and long-awaited re-birth right here in Canada. Keep up the great work! Superb!

Kevin Collins

Four very talented musicians and singers laying it down solid, with plenty of drive and lots of heart & soul. This
is real bluegrass, as good as it gets. Bravo to The Bluegrass Unit and recording engineer Ray Legere on a job WELL DONE.

Russell Sawler


This project by the Bluegrass Unit Band has been the main jam on my playlist for the last few weeks now. The variety of material and thought process put into the arrangements are evident at first listen. When that is merged with outstanding precision playing and singing as this project is, then you have something special. These guys are flat bringing it folks!! Congratulations Jeff, Waylon, Kenny and Justin on an outstanding top tier project that is a must have for any bluegrass and acoustic music fan!

Alan Bibey


Just got done listening to The Bluegrass Unit album. I must say the material was properly executed by the band. The vocals, the instrumentation and production overall was superbly done. I highly recommend this project to anyone. Guys keep on doing what you’re doing, I am truly a fan!

Wyatt Rice

The Tony Rice Unit

This record from The Bluegrass Unit. Is one of the very best recordings I’ve listened to in years. Excellent harmonies, great touch muscially on this entire record. A great record to any bluegrass listener! Looking forward to hearing more from this very talented group.

Richard Bennett